The Church Hall

You reach the Church to find a queue of homeless and hungry waiting for the mysterious VIP guest of honour to come and spread his Christmas love all over the poor.

However, you are disgusted to find that only the poor who can produce a British passport are being allowed to feast upon the fruits of festive charity.

“Well why should we prop up the poor and starving of other countries?” says your Mum. “They’ve never paid into our system. Why don’t they catch a plane back to their own countries?”

You are disgusted. “It’s the insidious media-driven right-wing culture of xenophobia, self-interest, and simple divide and rule that’s done this to you Mum”, you say. “You’d never have said that back when we used to give a damn about each other. Back before Nigel fucking Fa….

At that moment there is a hideous whining noise from above. Everybody scans the skies, and a strange shape is silhouetted against the moonlight. Look, up there!

Could it be… is it really……….


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