Ricky Gervais

You quickly search ‘UKIP Gervais Twitter’. The first result is a piece of self-promotion. Standard for Gervais of course, but is it helpful to your predicament?

You betcha! A parody song! You just know that Dad will see the funny side, and surely concede that the opinions that Gervais is brilliantly satirising are old fashioned and wrong.

As the song plays out, your Dad is indeed amused. He says:

“Haha! He’s bang on, it’s all political correctness gone mad these days isn’t it. And that terrible rap music is dogshit. Good on him for telling him like it is”

You reply:

“No Dad, don’t you see? It’s ironic. He’s saying that equality is good. By singing in a cod-African accent…

“Like Mike Read in the UKIP Calypso?’

“No, that’s not the same.”

“It’s exactly the same. In fact, this is even better, because he doesn’t just have a pop at immigrants and the EU, but also the gays and the rappers. Brilliant!”

You try and argue, but it’s no good. For the rest of Christmas Day your dad alternates the UKIP Calypso and Equality Street until everybody goes to bed, depressed. As hard as it is to believe, Ricky Gervais’s ironic genius must just be too subtle for some people.



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