May I remind you…

‘So let’s only let the ones in who have skills. Not any old drunkard or layabout’, says your Dad. Ponderous just for a second, you suddenly notice the festive song that is blaring out of the CD player – Fairytale of New York. One of your Dad’s favourites.

‘What about Shane McGowan? He’s an immigrant, a drunkard… presumably a layabout. If he’d never have been allowed into this country because he wasn’t a surgeon, we’d never have had this timeless piece of art. What about that then?’


You’ve got him there.

‘In fact, let’s have a look at just how many of our showbiz greats come from Irish stock’ you say, googling furiously.

You bring up the wikipedia page. Sure enough, there are such luminaries as three quarters of the Beatles, Peter O’Toole, Kate Bush, David Bowie and also….


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