Expansionary Fiscal What Mate?

“How exactly does the EU treaty impair the expansionary fiscal policy of the UK?”, you ask nervously. You each eyeball each other for a good thirty seconds. Time seems to stop. A single bead of sweat forms on your father’s forehead, trickles down to meet his top lip, and dances there for a second until it is shaken off by two palpable nervous twitches.

“Let’s put Slade on!”, he suddenly announces.


Your Dad hates Slade. This is the act of a desperate man looking for an exit strategy. you were right, he doesn’t know shit about fuck. Before you know it, you and the rest of the fam are kicking back with Noddy and the boys, cocktails in hand, paper party hats perched firmly onĀ heads.

Spirits are high again. But you need another drink. Do you top up from the:

Decanter in the living room

A beer from the fridge

Written by James Rose

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