Directly Challenge

Oh crumbs. It’s on. You’ve taken the bait like a gawping carp. This is what your dad was spoiling for, of course. It’s virtually a tradition. Although you both told yourself that, like the massed forces of war one hundred years ago, there would be a Christmas truce, in truth this has been coming since you walked through the door on Christmas Eve carrying a copy of the new Owen Jones book. Be honest – you only did that to watch him twitch.

So you challenge your father with a boozy retort, call him an old bigot. It comes out a bit slurry. You’re more drunk than you thought. And he’s ready for you. While you’ve been retweeting unsourced gifs and skim-reading articles by Mark Steel to reinforce your vaguely liberal sensibilities, your Dad’s been tuned into the proper news. He says:

“So, do you think it’s right that the EU Treaty, by enshrining in national and international law the need for balanced budgets and near-zero structural deficits, has effectively outlawed expansionary fiscal policy? “

Shit. You thought he was just going to say something insulting about Bulgarians.

Do you:

Have a sneaky look at your phone to see what that nice Owen Jones thinks about it. 

Take a chance on dad bluffing. He’s just memorised that line. He knows about as much about expansionary fiscal policy as he does the music of Rizzle Kicks. 

Be honest. Say that you don’t know about that, economics is not your strong point but you still basically believe that EU membership is a positive thing for Britain, and for the rest of Europe.




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